Our Story:
In 2013, while traveling to Peru, Cachi’s founders embraced the need to fill the increasing gap in destination travel – a disconnect with the local people by travel companies. They forgot to take care of the native people that serve the travelers with rich history and guidance. With the local Quechua people at the forefront, Cachi set out to change how travelers experience Peru and give back to the local communities. When you travel with Cachi, you are paying fair wages, empowering locals, and helping communities grow. This is living a full Cachi Life.
Our Mission:
We provide travelers with unique, passionate, experiences through private tours that encompass the desires, traditions, and cultures in which our customers travel.



David has been a tour guide for over 15 years. His life has pushed him all over Peru with dreams of managing a travel company in Peru. David has such a passion for his country and the people that it was a no-brainier to partner with him. David has lead the way in making connections with local communities to help Cachi partner in aiding development vs relief. These connections have helped us provide tours to villages like Rayan Community, something most travel companies wouldn’t think to offer. It’s because of David Cachi exists and thus we’re able to help so many wonderful people.


“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” This was a quote that stands out among the rest to myself. I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel as much as stealing it and making it better. Cachi is no different; we saw what others were doing and aimed to make it better. The thing I love most about Cachi, is how we’re able to not just offer great trips for our travelers, but really drive home how their purchase impacts the lives of many. I don’t think of Cachi as this simple tour company, but rather a business in helping people; you the traveler and the people we work with.


Kevin’s passion for Cachi came from his love for outdoors, nature, and travel. After some life experiences and a receding hairline, Kevin decided to share his love with the world, thus helping to create Cachi. Kevin wasn’t always into the outdoors, in fact, he was on pace to be a world champion Halo gamer. With a sudden change in life events and a move out to the California coast, he discovered all the beauty the outdoors had to offer, minus mushrooms. Kevin had a best friend, Eric, who taught him a  lot of valuable things since moving to Cali. 1. Two Buck Chuck is to be enjoyed not slammed. 2. Always bring a best friend to carry you home drunk from a work party.  3. Always be “Humbled by the Rock.”

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